You Make The Rules

Yesterday I was feeling super duper stressed. I get stressed a lot, especially on Mondays. I have a lot of projects going on right now, more than usual, which is a super great thing but also a very difficult thing for someone who isn't used to having a lot of projects. So yesterday I spent most of the day pacing around my apartment sighing really loudly until Morgan couldn't take it anymore and made me sit with him to piece apart the actual things I was stressed about. I wrote a list of over 10 things that were just bouncing around in my brain, some of which I needed to take action on and some of which I didn't, but they were all in there jumping and screaming for my attention.

As we were going through my list, determining which things I needed to take action on and what those actions were, I started feeling less stressed but still pretty overwhelmed. It started to seem silly how many things I had going. Why am I doing all of this stuff? I thought. I've gotten so caught up in the things I'm doing that I've forgotten why I'm doing them, and that makes the things I'm doing seem urgent, yet pointless. So I came up with a tool to help me get back on track.

I call it the INVENTORY OF GOALS and it's super simple, back to basics stuff, but something I'm realizing is very important to come back to over and over as I live my life. Here's how you do it:

Write out your goals leaving some space in between each one. There should only be like 5 things on this list, MAX. This is not a list of details, but rather a list of broad, overarching intentions that if you did or had all of these things you would feel happy. For example, my list was this:

Make Money
Be Part of a Community
Do Creative Projects
Be Healthy

These are my right now biggest goals. Some of these things are already true for me, but that doesn't matter. They're the things that are important to me, that I feel like do or will result in my overall happiness. 

Then, once you have your very short list with space in between each thing, go back and write a little bit more about what each one of those things means to you. In other words, WHY do you want these things? For example:

Make Money
I want a steady income, a big income, I don't want to feel worried about money, I want to feel abundant.

You could be more detailed here. Maybe "I want to be able to travel, I want to be able to buy a car, I want a bigger house." But it's important to get to the deep reason that you want it. For me right now it was I don't want to feel worried about money which, more positively put, is I want to feel abundant. So I knew that I wanted to make money because I didn't want that stress.

Be Part of a Community
Friends, laughter, fun, creativity, relaxation

Okay so you get it. Just a few things about what it is about your goal that is appealing to you.

Then, if you have a list of all the things you're doing that are stressing you out, check them against your list. Everything on my list of things to do fit into one of those four goals that I identified. It's helpful to know that because it gives each "to-do" new purpose. I could also see if maybe something on my to-do list didn't fit into any of my goals. And then I have to decide, is there another goal I forgot about that this would fit into? Or is it something I need to cross off my to-do list and never think of again? 

It can also be helpful, once you've identified all your goals and categorized your to-do list to decide which things are urgent. I know that I often feel very urgent about things that aren't actually on a time crunch, or that I can even put on the back burner for now if I don't have the time or energy for it at the moment.

Remember, this is YOUR life and YOU make the rules! There are a million ways to accomplish our goals, and everything we do is based on choices that we make, so it's important to know our purpose behind making certain choices, which requires knowing ourselves and what we want! 

Thanks for reading! This really helped me yesterday so I hope it helps you today or some day in the future!