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Is there anything more insidious, distracting, disruptive, and draining, than clutter!? While on the surface clutter may seem like an easy fix (just pick up your stuff!) or a problem for only the lazy, those who have suffered from clutter know that it can be a mystifying and chronic difficulty that keeps coming back over and over again no matter how much you clean up!

If you suffer from a cluttered space, have no fear and don't judge yourself! This problem can be solved, and for good! Many people think they just need to organize better or learn to pick up after themselves. While this can be a part of the problem, the root of a clutter issue actually goes way deeper. Clutter is a problem that occurs when people insist on holding onto things they don't need or want, usually while continuing to buy more stuff. Unless you address the underlying issues that keep you holding onto so much stuff, you will never be able to live in a permanently clean and clear space. The good news is, once you start de-cluttering, all those internal issues will come kicking and screaming to the surface, which makes them easy to deal with.

Whether you want to get rid of all the clutter in your home or just tackle one problem room, I am here to help! I will guide you through an easy and painless process of letting go of your unwanted stuff so that you never have to be plagued by chronic clutter ever again. We will address those internal parts of you that haven't let you give up your clutter so that the struggle disappears! 

Cost varies depending on size and clutter level of the space. Please contact me for a quote! 

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