Learning to love our bodies is one of the greatest opportunities we have in this life. For some of us, the process involves loving our bodies as they are, releasing expectations of perfection. For others, it involves loving our bodies through a health challenge like cancer or diabetes. For many of us, it involves both a physical and psychological struggle with excess fat on our bodies that has been keeping us from fully expressing ourselves, keeping us hiding and playing small, or just making us simply feel uncomfortable.

After years of being unhappy with my weight but having no idea what to do about it, I was finally able to find the tools and the mindset to help me lose the unwanted pounds I was putting on every year. Throughout this journey, I became obsessed with health and nutrition, listening to podcasts and reading books, and finally getting a Health Coach Certification from the Institute of Transformational Nutrition.

Our relationship with food is a primal and complicated one. Emotional eating, cravings, and restriction affect us physically, but more importantly, they affect us psychologically, often spiraling us toward guilt, shame, and frustration, making pleasure feel like a trap and nourishment feel nearly impossible.

My Philosophy 

I believe wellness is the direction our bodies move when given the proper environment – both internal and external, both physical and non-physical. Because of this belief, my focus is not on creating wellness, but on allowing it by creating a space that promotes it. Becoming well is a lifelong process that takes time and gentle guidance in the form of education, experimentation, and most importantly, continuous development of intuition and the ability to listen to one’s own internal wisdom. 

The journey to wellness can feel daunting at times, but I believe life should be fun, and if the journey to wellness is a lifelong one then it, too, should be fun.

My Approach

My approach to inhabiting wellness is gentle, but effective. It is impossible to become well when our habits do not support us, so discovering and creating habits that are sustainable is of utmost importance. There is no use in making “long term” changes that feel restrictive, uncomfortable, or unrealistic for any reason, so it’s important to make lifestyle changes that feel easy, and even fun. This doesn’t mean that those changes will always feel easy or never feel restrictive, but they should be, in the long run, easy to implement, keep up, and come back to. We are creating a lifestyle more conducive to wellness, which means that the actions, habits, and choices that you come back to, even if you stray from them from time to time, will support your wellbeing.

My perspective is holistic, meaning that a full picture of health must be taken into consideration. This includes physical health, spiritual health, and the health of the planet, as well as healthy relationship and life fulfillment, whether in the form of passion, vocation, family, or anything else that’s important to you.