In this episode, Vivek Thyagarajan and I talk dating, the law of attraction, and getting messages from the Universe. One of my favorite conversations so far that could have gone on forever! You can find Vivek on Twitter @vivekt17.

In this episode, Danielle Beinstein joins me to talk about astrology! Whether you're interested in your horoscope, the human psyche, the current political climate, or just want to have a good laugh, this conversation has something for you! We discuss everything from the basics of "What's my sign?" to the integral relationship between the stars and human psychology. 
You can find Danielle at and follow her on Instagram @danibeinstein. 

In this episode, Leah Catherine tells me about her 20 days traveling solo in Europe and we discuss the importance of listening to your gut and doing new things even though you're terrified. You can follow her on twitter and instagram @MsLeahCatherine.

In this episode, Leah Knauer joins me to talk about life as a comedian in Los Angeles and we both open up about dark times from our past. You can find Leah at and follow her on twitter @LeahKnauer.

In this episode, Natasha Milner and Phillip Ziff join me to talk about the MTV reality dating show Are You the One season 5, episode 9.